Sunday, July 17, 2011


Well, I have been so busy, my last blog POSTED was mid-June...the last blog i READ was...well, I can't remember! I am so out of touch with all my blog friends and their summer adventures! I'm sad about it and wish i could have just one day to sit and read all that I've missed so far!
But for now, I'm just gonna post a quick 'what I've been up to' show that it's not that i don't care (I DO), I just can't get over how busy this summer has been and still is!
A friend's new girlfriend was going to get rid of this beautiful old clarinet. But he told her that I had worked on my old clarinet and that I played, so she gave it to me! I haven't even met her yet!! It needs new corks and a few new pads and a serious cleaning...but it also needs some soldering to fix that tiny little key that is no longer attached. It just sort of spins on the rod.
I finished my latest only took me a few months!! I had it done in time to wear to the concert last night, but wore my 'watermelon dress' (my pink and green plain number) which ended up matching my watermelon mojito i had with dinner! no pictures of last night...I figured there'd be no photography at the Melody Tent, but last night they allowed it, just no flash...damn!! It was a great show...we saw Pink Martini.
Let's garden is growing, with no help from me! I never remember to water it b/c of my lack of any free time, but then we get a big rain and everything seems to be fine. I also have noticed that the neighbors trees have grown over our fence quite a bit. the beds aren't' getting nearly as much sun, which may be slowing the growing process, but also keeping them wet longer? Tomatoes: I grabbed whatever snow pea seeds I could find and this year I got some with purple flowers! Pretty! I noticed some peas yesterday and Moxie and I had our first tastes from the garden! She loves the summer!
We also noticed a TON of bumble bees this year! Swarms of them all over the lavender and thyme and daisies! And, our biggest discovery? This rambling thorny viney thing from last year...had clusters of berries all over it this year! I'm not a berry person, but Hubby is...he's already picked and eaten a handful!
We have been busy...are still busy...and i don't really see any real rest time until October! we have (sadly) a funeral this week, another concert next week, a trip to Boston after that, more stuff will pile on I'm sure, then Jason's parents in September, and a possible trip to Kansas City to visit THREE of my friends who just transferred to the new Trader Joes' out there and to go to the BBQ festival.
I hope everyone is having a great summer, full of fun and frivolity!! I'm looking forward to catching up with your blogs soon!!


  1. I have been wondering where you have been :) Cute dress! and I just love Moxie's puggy face.

  2. Now off to Kansas City? Girl you are a whirlwind of social activity. The new, more social, girl. I love it.

  3. Ok, love that dress! I haven't sewn in year, but I may go look for a pattern similar to that. We winter in Florida, so I need some cute sundresses! Moxie is adorable!